3 things you must know about the neighborhood…

Who did Landmarks leave off the new historic district? Why did FEMA send letters about needing flood insurance? New traffic improvements will make things safer on Riverside Drive. Read on!


After a lot of behind the scenes jockeying between the powerful Landmarks Preservation Commission, local groups like Landmarks West and elected officials, there’s now a Riverside -West End Historic District Extension II.

The new district begins at West 93rd, and includes nearly all buildings on the Riverside to West End blocks to about 108th Street, and nearly all buildings from West End going toward Broadway, but not including buildings fronting on the west side of Broadway.  Many in the community speculate that some of these properties may be subjected to large scale development.
The district now includes PS 75, which many expected to be carved out.  However, a small part of West 95th, comprising the entrance to the PS 75 schoolyard, and the entire schoolyard footprint on 96th, along with three, small adjoining residential buildings as well as the Mobil gas station across the street have been carved out of the new district. The new map needs to be approved within 120 days by the City Council.

FEMA Floods Neighbors With False Alarm

Several weeks ago the mailboxes of our Upper West Side neighbors were flooded with an official letter from the Department of Homeland Security/FEMA that reads:

“This letter is to inform you that your property is mapped in or near a Special Flood Hazard Area.  FEMA suggests that you take the following actions:

  1. Understand your flood risk and flood insurance purchase requirements:”

We checked the new maps, which FEMA calls the “Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps” or FIRMS, and found that there is virtually no inhabited area of zip code 10025, or even 10024 that is in this flood zone.

Why the letter?  The Community Board confirms that this neighborhood is not in the flood zone.  Jessica DiBari, Deputy Director of Constituent Services for Congressman Jerrold Nadler explained that the de Blasio Administration provided the zip codes for FEMA to send this mailing.  Ms. DiBari agreed that the Upper West Side is not in the flood zone, and really should not have received this mailing. Never mind!

 The Stop Signs Are Coming! Humps and Islands, Too!

Last summer, N90s met with the Transportation Committee of Community Board 7 and invited them to study some of the safety hazards that pedestrians face in our neighborhood.  In December, the Community Board approved many of these measures, which had the expert insight of Transportation Committee members.  Although no date has been set, we are assured that the City’s Department of Transportation (DOT) has added the recommendations to its “to do” list and we will see improvements soon.

Here is a quick list of the coming improvements:

  • Stop Signs on the Riverside Drive service road at 93rd Street and 94th Street
  • Speed “humps” that will slow down traffic on the Riverside service road and 93rd St.
  • Pedestrian islands and other measures at 95th and 97th on Riverside Drive to shorten the distance to cross Riverside Drive
  • A turn signal and dedicated lane for southbound Riverside Drive for left turns onto 95th Street
  • We are working with the Community Board Transportation Committee to relieve traffic congestion from the Henry Hudson Parkway, including changes in the 95th Street off-ramp and reducing right and left hand turns in the neighborhood from eastbound traffic

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