Attend a Public Safety Forum on March 10 @ 6:30 PM; Update on Homeless Vets & M5 Bus Route

Plans for Housing Homeless Vets In Former 95th Street Shelter Crawl

In December, the neighborhood was called into a public meeting with only two days’ notice to inform us that the City’s Human Resources Administration (HRA), in cooperation with various City agencies and outside vendors planned to make 330 West  95th Street into a facility for homeless veterans with low-level PTSD who would be carefully screened.

HRA informed the community that the veterans’ facility would open in less than two weeks, guaranteeing that the veterans would be living there by Christmas. Three months later, nothing has happened.

The City has not reached terms with the building owner. HRA Commissioner Banks was quoted in the media giving a new move-in date, March.  Without reaching a contract with the owner, that seems unlikely.  The City has an agreement with the Community Board to hold another public meeting with the community when their plans come together. Neighborhood In The Nineties will post notice of that meeting so all concerned stakeholders can have their input.

 What Can We Do As A Community To Protect Ourselves & Our Families?

Join Us March 10th, 6:30 PM at PS 75, 95th Street and West End Avenue for our Police Night – Public Safety Forum. Meet the men and women of New York’s finest. We can learn more about how they are protecting us.  They can learn more from us about our concerns on crime, public safety, quality of life and anti-terrorism.

Among questions Neighborhood In The Nineties wants answered are:nypd

  • How Is The NYPD Responding To The Slashing Epidemic?
  • Are People Really Allowed to Urinate and Drink Alcohol on the Streets?
  • Has Broken Windows Policing Been Replaced With Benign Neglect?

 It is VERY important to show up.  If the Police see that this community is engaged, they will pay more attention to our needs and concerns.

As a bonus, we are getting a demonstration from the UWS Community Emergency Response Team, comprising neighbors like us who undergo training so they can work in emergency situations of all types to provide additional support to the Police and Fire Departments.  We also will be hearing from the NYPD Auxiliary.  Our community has many neighbors who volunteer for the Police Auxiliary, and they are often a very visible presence in the Broadway commercial district.


Should the MTA Cut the M5 Riverside Drive Bus Route in Half?

Community Board 7 says “yes.”

The M5 route problem was created five years ago, when it was extended from its traditional southern end, Greenwich Village, to South Ferry.  The added route allowed the MTA to eliminate the M6 bus (South Ferry to 59th Street). The result has been a case of bus route “interruptus,” as construction of pedestrian plazas, reduced lanes, heavy traffic, etc. have left riders furious, but not fast.

Following input from Neighborhood In The Nineties and other community boards and groups representing from the Heights to Lower Manhattan, CB7 approved a split that keeps a connection between the GW Bridge, Upper West Side and Chelsea, as follows: CB7 recommends that NYC Transit split the route at either 23rd Street or preferably 14th Street, perhaps including some overlap in the northern and southern portions of the split.

What do you think?

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