Call for Community Policing; VOTE to help rehabilitate Joan of Ark park; West 90s highlighted in new book

 Crime Spree Begs Issue: We Need More Cops

West 90s Community Concerned About Police Response To Stabbings

Two weeks ago, the audience at a Neighborhood In The Nineties Public Safety Town Hall made a barely audible gasp when they learned that the highly touted addition of 1,000 new NYPD cops netted our 24th Precinct just one more police officer. NYPD staffing levels citywide have been cut by 8,000 cops, approximately.

The reduction in staffing levels at the 24th Precinct to just over 100 is worrisome. It leaves the neighborhood especially vulnerable after midnight. The latest stabbing this past Saturday, after midnight, underscores our neighborhood’s concerns.

Neighborhood In The Nineties supports the return of community policing, a policy that is being considered. It was popular 20 years ago. It is one crime fighting strategy that addresses the need to put more police boots on the ground. It will make the Upper West Side safer, as well as other parts of the City that are dealing with an epidemic in stabbings and brazen, violent street crime.

We have included URLs from recent stories:

19-year old stabbed Saturday by Gang


One Man West 88th Street Stabbing Crime Spree Actually Started At 96th Street/Bway 1-2-3 Station


UWS Homeless Shelter Resident Commits Hate Crime In Crown Heights, Stabbing In Prospect Park

One NY Police response has been to revisit crime strategies in the subway




Enter Joan of Arc Park at the foot of West 93rd and Riverside Drive and you will encounter a crumbling staircase barely held together with patches.  But sadly, a lot of the neglect that could result in the retaining wall collapsing and the plaza seating area around the statue becoming unusable, does not meet the eye.  The need for repairs is urgent. The solution is in your hands.

Please take a few minute to vote in the special voting stations that pop-up around the neighborhood.

Tomorrow, Wednesday morning, 7:30 to 9:30 AM you have a chance to vote.  Leave for work a little early and come to the polling station directly across 96th Street in the Broadway Mall from the 96th Street 1-2-3 train station.

Just a few minutes of your time tomorrow morning will help save the home to the famous Joan of Arc statue, the City’s first statue sculpted by a woman, and the first depicting a female historic figure.

Joan of Arc Park is the gateway for our neighbors entering Riverside Park between West 91st and West 95th Street.



Broadway Mall Community Center on median (opp. 96th St. 1-2-3 station)

Wednesday, March 30 7:30am – 9:30am


If you can’t make it tomorrow AM, please make the effort to vote at the:

Helen Rosenthal District Office, 563 Columbus at 88th Street

All week: through Sunday, April 3 from 10AM-6 PM (until 4 PM Friday)

91st Street Garden in Riverside Park, Saturday, April 2nd, 11am-1pm


Community Board 7, 250 W. 87th St, (Bway) Sunday, April 3rd  Noon – 2pm

Any resident of the community over the age of 14 can vote under the “Participatory Budgeting,” program.

This year, let’s Vote to SAVE JOAN! Tell your neighbors!

Wucker Makes West 90s Problems Into Learning Moment In New Book

Many of you remember Michele Wucker, who volunteered many hours to help N90s with social media, the newsletter, meetings with public officials, and our lawsuit. Until she moved to Chicago in 2014, she often could be seen on West 94th Street and in Riverside Park walking one of the Boxer dogs she rescued.

Her third book, THE GRAY RHINO: How to Recognize and Act on the Obvious Dangers We Ignore, comes out April 5th. Publishers Weekly says about the book: “This helpful guide to getting out of your own way long enough to see the rhino charging over the hill will be useful reading for managers, entrepreneurs, and risk takers of all stripes.”

The book includes an example from the West 90s: how the neighborhood finally got officials to act on the lethal traffic dynamics that had been detailed in report after report but, until the series of pedestrian deaths in 2014, ignored.

Michele will be back in town talking about THE GRAY RHINO and the neighborhood April 6th at 7pm at the Upper West Side Barnes & Noble on Broadway at 82d Street.

Let’s give her a warm welcome back and remind her that you can take the girl out of the West 90s but you can’t take the West 90s out of the girl.

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