Broadway Murder Scene; Mailbox Fishing; 24th Precinct Welcomes Captain Lynch

Latest On Broadway Murder Investigation: Not From Here; Possible Drug Connection?

The murder scene on Broadway last Thursday shocked the neighborhood. Read the latest news as NYPD investigates…

Around 10:48 PM last Thursday, a man was stabbed to death near the Victoria Restaurant on Broadway and 95th Street. Cameras caught the suspect walking down Broadway moments before the attack.

While the NYPD investigation continues, reliable sources say the alleged assailant in the wanted posters is not believed to be from our neighborhood, nor any local shelters. Some evidence has led to speculation that the April 27th attack could be drug-related.
The victim, Special Anthony Stewart, 24, lived on West 103rd Street, and might have known his assailant.

Anyone with information should contact Detective Vladimir Ravich, 212.678.1863.

Decorated Cop Takes Command of 24th Precinct

Captain Seth Lynch, a holder of the NYPD’s Police Combat Cross, took command of the 24th Precinct in late April.

Captain Lynch was awarded the Police Department’s second highest honor for subduing an armed hostage-taker who was holding another man hostage at gunpoint. The hostage-taker then fired at Lynch and his partner. At the time, Lynch was a Sergeant in the 40th Precinct.

Captain Lynch previously served as executive captain at the 32nd Precinct in Central Harlem.

The 24th Precinct was without its two top officers for a period of about 10 days in April. The previous commanding officer retired abruptly.

Police Warn: Don’t Use Street Post Boxes! Urge Neighbors To Take Mail To The Post Office

Do not use a postal street box to mail bills or anything with financial or confidential information.

A longtime Upper West Side resident who recently used the postal box at 94th and West End to mail a bill learned not only that his check was not in the mail, but the thieves raiding the box cleaned out his bank account using the info on the check.

Brazen pirating of street postal boxes has become so frequent throughout the City that the NYPD has issued flyers urging residents to take their mail directly to Post Office stations.

At the N90s Police Forum last year at PS 75, the police reported that postal boxes throughout the neighborhood had been robbed. Police say no postal street box is safe.

Our neighbor spent considerable time at his bank, and the 24th Precinct, to report the heist, and attempt to recover funds.

A walk to the Post Office to mail a bill safely is highly recommended.



If you see activities like drug dealing, aggressive panhandling, unruly behavior and things like people demanding money inside ATM bank lobbies, do something. Call 911 or 311. Write to We need to elevate our statistical profile to attract City resources that will improve quality of life and street safety!

Traffic Safety. DOT is proceeding with the installation of speed bumps on the northbound Riverside Drive Service Road, between 92nd and 95th. It will take a few more months; the City has not prepared the contractor bids yet.

Freedom House homeless shelter. A Community Advisory Board comprising representatives from the local neighborhood, Community Board 7, the City and concerned local institutions is expected to be formed shortly. It is the result of an agreement worked out with the City, Community Board 7, and Council Member Helen Rosenthal – N90s hopes that with increased oversight from a CAB, and a new social services provider, there will be less mayhem and drug traffic coming from the shelter.

The contract for current social services provider Aguila, which has done a terrible job at the shelter, ends June 30th. Aguila will stay on while the City and the building’s lease holder, Alan Lapes, choose a new provider–a slow process.

The Community Board and elected officials will have a chance to make nonbinding recommendations during the selection process. Keyword: nonbinding.

Read about the Alan Lapes-Bill de Blasio $$$ connection:

West End Ave Gas Pipeline. How much longer will traffic be disrupted while Con Edison installs a pipeline on West End Avenue? Answer: a few more months.

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