Some Luxury Towers Moving Ahead; Others Stall…Latest on 95th St. Murder

Is the wrecking ball in your future? 

Some developments planned for the neighborhood are moving ahead quickly; but others have stalled. In other news, dog owners must inoculate their dogs against a deadly bacteria that can spread to humans; dog owners who don’t pick up after their pooches may be surprised by undercover Sanitation police handing out $250 fines. Report bad actors to 311. Update on the 95th St. murder; an invite to join your neighbors next month at the Community Board to make the streets safer for pedestrians. Read on, Neighbors!  

Development Update
One of the largest bank branches in the neighborhood is moving as a direct result of the new 20-plus story Extell residential tower project that is expected to begin demolishing retail buildings on the corner of (262) West 96th Street and Broadway (2551) in early 2018.

Chase Bank is moving its two story branch across to 2540 Broadway, which includes the former site of Mandee and is set to open Monday, February 5, 2018. The storefront will feature the latest retail bank design, meaning fewer teller windows, a large lobby for ATM machines and private banking services, but no vault for its current safe deposit customers.
On the 95th Street Broadway-Amsterdam block, demolition work is almost complete on the former site of the Camden Hotel and the adjoining former parking garage building, 206 and 212 West 95th, in preparation for what is believed to be an 18-story luxury residential tower. The Department of Buildings (DOB) reports that the project is presently under a “partial stop work order.” See photo below:

Two blocks south, Share Zedek Synagogue, 212-218 West 93rd Street, is due for demolition and development by Scott Leyton of Leyton 93LLC. The development plans call for a 14-story tower, comprised of 11 stories of luxury residences. The lower three floors are for the congregation. While permits for demolition and construction were applied for in August, a September 1st posting at DOB shows a “disapproved plan exam,” and the status of the project is “not approved” pending zoning approval.
The Williams Residence Salvation Army building at 720 West End Avenue was announced for redevelopment into luxury residences to begin this year, but it was contingent on building another residence on East 125th Street to relocate its retiree population.  The other building has been delayed, so our neighbors will remain in place for now.
The Haswell, a luxury residential building at “707 West End Avenue” proposed to be built above the existing rental building at 711 West End, closed its offsite sales office on West 87th Street. The City rejected the notion of two buildings, 711 and 707, on the same tax lot.  Construction required vacating some existing apartments at 711 to insert support structure for 707.
Contact With Rat Urine Could Be Fatal for You and Your Dog
How serious is leptospirosis?
Recently, a local dog from a Riverside Drive building in the West 90s nearly died of leptospirosis. So contagious is this bacterial disease that the owner was warned to stay out of contact with the pooch until it was disease-free (which also meant overnight veterinarian care and a whopping vet bill). It can also spread from human-to-human.
Leptospirosis can attack the human liver and kidney. While the disease is treatable with antibiotics, one Bronx person died from it earlier this year. See:
We urge our neighbors to protect themselves, their pets and family by having their dogs vaccinated ASAP
City Fines Dog Poop Scofflaws $250
The City Department of Sanitation (DOS) is upping its efforts to catch canine owners who won’t bend down to pick up their own dog’s poop. Neighbors are urged to call 311 to report dirty dog owners. The DOS is assigning undercover investigators to hand out $250 fines.  See Lisa Kava’s Westside Rag Story:
Broadway Murder Victim Knew His Assailant
Earlier this year, the neighborhood was shocked by a Sunday night murder (April 27th before 11 PM) on Broadway near the SE corner 95th Street. Many expressed fear of a random attack. Police believe the victim, Special Anthony Stewart, 24, knew his assailant, and personal animosity motivated the attack.
Want to improve pedestrian-traffic safety in the West 90s?
Tuesday, December 12th at 7 PM
250 West 87th Street, 2nd floor
DOT will be there to discuss proposed changes in our community. We encourage our neighbors to share their concerns with the people who can make changes!
Riverside Drive Service Road bumps
It took three years working with the Department of Transportation, Community Board 7 and support from West Side Montessori School, but we now have speed bumps from 92nd to 95th Street on the Riverside Drive Service Road.
While didn’t get stop signs (not enough traffic or not enough money like Trump buildings on Riverside Boulevard), it is slowing down cars as they head into the crosswalks at 93, 94 and 95.
Is it enough? Tell us what you think:; @N90sorg,, or our N90s FaceBook page. Include your contact information, as we would like to have a two-way dialogue with our neighbors.
Neighborhood In The Nineties is also seeking a number of safety measures on Riverside Drive, including illegal u-turns onto the service road near 91st Street, a left turn signal for southbound cars on Riverside at 95th Street, and stop or yield-to-pedestrian signs along Riverside Drive service road at 98th and 99th Streets.
N90s presented the Community Board Transportation Committee a list of 19 traffic safety improvements more than three years ago. Among the first implemented were the pedestrian crossing, yield signs and now, speed bumps on Riverside Drive. It’s a long process!

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