Responding To Crime, Neighborhood Demands Guard Service

Back to the 90’s: Neighbors Demand Private Security Patrol; N90s Forms Security and Fundraising Panels — Guards To Reduce Crime, Protect Quality of Life

Many of our neighbors agree on two things: we feel like we’re losing the streets to opportunistic criminals and people with serious, but unaddressed mental hygiene issues. From about 1990 to 2000, Neighborhood In The Nineties ran a successful street patrol. With your help and cooperation, we can have a second act!

Let there be no mistake: many of our neighbors feel that we are losing the streets. Whether it is crime alone, the increased presence of homeless persons, many with unaddressed mental hygiene and addiction issues, or a combination, quality of life has declined.

Last week, concerned neighbors representing more than 20 buildings met at Symphony Space and expressed the need for, and a willingness to financially support a guard patrol covering West 93rd to 95th Streets, Broadway to Riverside Drive. The meeting was organized and chaired by Pomander Walk residents.

Neighbors shared stories of street crime (including two purse snatchings in broad daylight) they had experienced. In addition, several buildings have recently caught homeless persons trespassing through their buildings and the Police recently arrested a man for trespassing here. A staff member at Symphony Space was assaulted in their complex earlier this Fall.

A number of our neighbors at the meeting reported that the original guard service program was a success. It ran from 1990 to 2000. They recalled how it helped improve quality of life and reduce crime. One neighbor told us that the guard made its impact felt within two weeks

We live in a different time, and issues now may be a little different, but we know that things have been deteriorating.

Doing nothing won’t reduce crime and won’t restore quality of life.

While the crime numbers for the 24th Precinct (86th to 110th St., west of Central Park) show an upward spike in 2017, the NYPD is presenting another picture. These numbers may be found at:  

The numbers support the need for a guard. Year-to-Date 2017, through  November 26th, crime is UP for:

  • Grand Larceny Auto 42.3%
  • Rape 37.5% (Rape 1, forcible compulsion, up 16.7%)
  • Robbery 7.6%
  • Burglary 18.1%
  • Petit Larceny 25.1%
  • Misdemeanor sex crimes 9.5%

While the Mayor and the Police Commissioner recently reported a reduction in major crime citywide, especially the murder rate, the precinct crime stats year-to-date numbers, covering January 1st to November 26th and compared to the same 11-months last year present a less promising picture.

These numbers come despite a citywide announcement of a reduction in crime. While murders are down throughout the City, our precinct had one murder, same as last year, but that one murder was on Broadway near 95th Street.

The Precinct numbers are broken down into three categories: patrol, housing and transit. Only one category, (street) patrol crimes, is up 5.6%.

N90s has appointed two committees, Security and Finance/Fundraising to work out the logistics of the street perimeter, hours of service and secure fundraising from 20 buildings represented at the meeting. A number of key buildings have already decided to contribute to the new guard.

The goal of the neighborhood association is to raise more than $100,000 for a street patrol as early as possible in 2018.

Depending on funding, the patrol could cover as much as 12 hours, for example, 3 pm to 3 am, it might involve two guards, possibly a mobile patrol, and may cross to the east side of Broadway.

But it is contingent on your support.

We ask you to help speed the fundraising process. Rental tenants should speak to their tenant association leaders; co-op and condo owners should speak to board members and officers or even the managing agent; we are asking business owners and the nonprofit institutions to contribute.

Drop a note to: Volunteer and/or sign up for the newsletter.

We welcome more volunteers to expedite our efforts to create a new street patrol. The more funds we can raise, the more hours, and the more blocks we can include along with more guards.

Please help us make our beautiful neighborhood safer and more secure.

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