Shelter Contract Ends, Neighborhood Security Patrol Debuts; City Won’t Fix Dangerous Crossing Near School

N90s Security Patrol DebutsFor 93-95 Area, Bway-Riverside

Neighborhood In The Nineties (N90s), started a new uniformed neighborhood security patrol on July 10th. The patrol has been made possible by the generous support of our neighboring buildings, institutions, businesses and individuals.

Plans were set in motion at a packed Symphony Space meeting attended by many neighborhood leaders in late 2017. Several neighbors in attendance attested to the fact that the last time N90s instituted regular patrols (from 1990-2000), the guards’ presence was so effective, “you could see the difference on the street within two weeks.”

Unfortunately, street safety has deteriorated recently and crime, in our police precinct and much of the city, is on the rise. There has been an uptick in purse and chain snatchings, unprovoked assaults, building trespassing, aggressive panhandling, rape, and smash-and-grab auto larceny. The latest crime stats underscore that we are not as safe today as we were a few years ago.

N90s retained Cambridge Security Services to provide the patrol officers, who have a background in police and/or military police experience. Cambridge is an international company which provides residential buildings with security, patrols commercial office buildings, and provides security for major corporations, the NJ Racing Commission and many Las Vegas venues.

N90s and Cambridge have a service agreement contract with an insurance policy and indemnification clause that provides appropriate protection. While the officers have policing experience, they are unarmed, and are not allowed to engage in physical contact. They are trained in de-escalating situations, and to call 911 or 311 if a City response is required.

Patrol hours are: SUN-THU 5:00PM-1:00AM; FRI/SAT 6:00PM-2:00AM, covering Broadway to Riverside Drive, 93rd to 95th Street. If there is interest and support, the patrol will be expanded to covering neighboring areas. N90s, which represents 90th to 98th Streets, Amsterdam to Riverside, has worked for the past 48 years to improve our community’s safety and quality of life.

The security patrol covers the area listed above and ‘check in’ by signing a book for each visit with several of the participating buildings at strategic points on the route. Every building on the route has the cell number of the on-patrol officer to contact them if they feel they need the to call the guard. If more assistance is required, the patrol may obtain assistance from the 24/7 National Security Center run by Cambridge. The 24th Precinct has an excellent working relationship with Cambridge.

As we seek to enhance and upgrade the security patrol, we are still seeking donations from our neighbors, co-op/condo boards, businesses and institutions. Additional funds will help guarantee that the patrol will be funded through 2019, and add such enhancements as longer hours, a patrol car or an additional patrol officer.

Donations may be sent through PayPal on our web page, or sending a check to:

Neighborhood In The Nineties Security Patrol
Suite 1B
310 West 94th Street
New York, NY 10026-6868

Neighborhood In The Nineties Starts Security Patrol: Robert (left) and Alex (right) from Cambridge Security Services are working to make our beautiful neighborhood safer.

Freedom House Shelter On 95th Is Failing:
Shelter Vendor Is Long Forgotten, But Not Gone 
City Replacement Effort Stalls; Better Call Rosenthal!

The daily, and sometimes multiple daily visits from police cars and ambulances, often the results of conflicts between homeless clients, and conflicts on the street between Freedom House residents and neighbors continues to raise great concern in our neighborhood.

Well before the City’s five-year contract with Aguila expired this past June, it was decided by City homeless executives that this vendor was not being renewed.  

While given the over-concentration of facilities in our beautiful neighborhood it would be fair and reasonable for the City to close Freedom House, the burgeoning homeless population citywide makes that an unlikely scenario.

The Community has been promised input in the selection of a new vendor. However, the City has not convened a meeting of the Community Advisory Board (CAB) which is a City Charter-mandated forum for performance accountability. The last meeting of the Freedom House CAB was this past January.

N90s, which participates on the CAB has made repeated requests of City Council Member Helen Rosenthal to help convene regular meetings for the past several months. We urge anyone concerned about the operation of Freedom House and its negative impact on the neighborhood to “make a call to Rosenthal.” Helen’s email is: or call her local office at:  212.873.0282 ext. 200. Ask her when the City is going to install responsible, accountable management for the Freedom House shelter.

Using Crash Data, City Rejects Safety Improvements
For Henry Hudson Exit At 95th And Riverside Dr

There’s “not enough crashes” to justify measures that would protect pedestrians crossing on the north side of the 95th Street and Riverside Drive intersection from fast moving traffic exiting the Henry Hudson Parkway.

N90s met representatives of the City’s Department of Transportation (DOT) last week and received a promise to consider implementing a “harden left turn” pedestrian protection measure. But DOT gave us a quick turnaround, explaining that there weren’t enough crashes at the site, based on their data, to justify the measure.

What DOT will do is address the worn-out markers at the exit. They have agreed to install longer lasting markers using a more permanent material on the exit ramp, replacing street markings that wear out quickly.

Last week’s site visit demonstrated problems with traffic making left turns from the exit onto Riverside Drive north, left turns from southbound Riverside onto eastbound West 95th, and northbound traffic making illegal right turns from the main northbound Drive onto 95th.

For the turns from southbound Riverside, N90s requested bolsters that would prevent traffic from cutting the turn short into oncoming traffic.

DOT has agreed to make another visit in late September to assess the impact of rush hour traffic congestion related to PS 75 and its middle school (1300 children) on the 300 block of West 95th Street.

Many of the measures sought by N90s were first requested in 2014. They were approved in December that year by Community Board 7. The neighborhood association will continue fighting for safety improvements throughout our community.

Riverside Park Progress Report:

91st St. Entrance, Path Along 91st – 95th St.
Shuttered Till Summer 2019 (If They’re On Time!)

A repair program is underway to fix several major paths in Riverside Park. In June, the 91st St. entrance was shut down, along with the truly broken path on the east side of Crab Apple Grove running toward the 95th St. entrance. The project is due for completion in Summer 2019.

JOA Park Centennial In January 2019

Joan of Arc Park celebrates its 100th anniversary this coming January. The original park dedication for this island in Riverside Park attracted thousands of Upper West Siders, diplomats, and members of the City’s social elite.

A brilliant redesign plan by Parks architect Margaret Bracken is being put out to bid this summer.

Ms. Bracken reports that the bidding process will take “several months.”

Hopefully, we can witness a January 2019 groundbreaking with our City Council Member Helen Rosenthal, who has funded provided a substantial portion of the project.

It would certainly be poor optics for new Riverside Park Conservancy CEO Dan Garodnick if the City’s first statue dedicated to a female historic figure failed to mark this important historic milestone, on time, especially when statues honoring women are in great demand.

News Around The Neighborhood:

From The Patch:
Two Apartment Buildings, 97th and B’way, 61 units Sell For $66M
Two real estate investment firms have partnered to purchase two multi-family apartment buildings on the Upper West Side in a pricey land deal. Dalan Management Associates and Elion Partners purchased two adjacent buildings located at 2568 Broadway and 226 W. 97th St. for about $66 million.
The investment firms plan to co-manage the buildings with the goal of renovating the apartment units and possibly splitting units to create more apartments.

Thousands of NYCHA Children Exposed To Asbestos As Agency Lies:
Court Slaps City With $2 Billion Payout;
de Blasio Says NYCHA Residents “Don’t Need To Blame Anyone.” 

See Daily News story of squalid NYCHA conditions and senior execs covering up. The story prompted a Federal investigation that forced Mayor to pay up:
The Gothamist NYCHA Scandal story:
…Asked whether the investigation’s finding that at least 19 children—and likely more—had been lead-poisoned contradicted his previous claim that no children had been harmed as a result of NYCHA’s failures, de Blasio called the complaint a “series of allegations.”
From the NY Post:
Deadbeat de Blasio Administration
Adds To Homeless Shelter Woes
The de Blasio administration is a deadbeat when it comes to paying homeless-services providers — even as it seeks help from those nonprofits to contain a crisis that now costs city taxpayers more than $2 billion a year.
A New York Post analysis found that payments were late on nearly 80 percent of the contracts awarded by the Department of Homeless Services since 2013. The delays sometimes stretched for more than a year, forcing charities to take out loans while waiting for DHS to process the paperwork they needed to get paid.
De Blasio Hopes NY Post Goes Out Of Business;
Muckraking Stories On DHS, See Above, Annoy Him

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