N90s’ Security Patrol Guards Making Neighborhood Safer!

“I love the new guards…the scary nighttime hangout crowd on the corner of West End and 95th Street is gone most of the time. I feel safer and can enjoy walking my dog in the neighborhood. If someone has an issue, the guards respond quickly and appropriately.” — R.A., WEA neighbor.

Neighbors, superintendents, resident managers and door personnel are praising the N90s Security Patrol for making our streets safer, with courtesy and professionalism.

N90s’ Security Patrol Guards Making Neighborhood Safer!

The summer was hot but our streets in the 93rd to 95th corridor, Broadway to Riverside Drive, are safer! The neighborhood security patrol initiated on July 10th is only two months old but in this short time, the professionals from Cambridge Security Services have: 

  • Intervened in numerous situations where emotionally disturbed individuals (EDPs) have threatened or stalked residents. When needed, the guards have escorted neighbors to their buildings
  • Helped stop homeless people sleeping on sidewalks. Where needed, the Cambridge security professionals have called in NYPD or City homeless services to help these struggling individuals get appropriate help
  • Stopped people from gathering on streets and selling drugs or playing loud music
  • Encouraged EDPs suffering disintermediation (breakdowns characterized often by loud screaming and threatening gestures and language) to return to the Freedom House shelter (because of their familiarity with our streets from their foot patrols, the guards have identified residents who repeat certain unsafe behaviors). The same has been done with residents of the St. Louis/Rustin House
  • Helped break up homeless encampments in Joan of Arc, enlisting voluntary cooperation and calls to 311 and 911 as appropriate
  • Identified security flaws that have helped buildings in the program identify people who invade buildings. One “invader” was identified as riding in a property’s elevator for an hour, unnoticed by front desk personnel. In another instance, the guard noticed that the gates to the PS 75 school yard were left unlocked at night. He notified the school custodian

 There are more than 15 buildings plus individuals and institutions supporting the security patrol. Within this group, several buildings have established hourly check-in stations with log books to keep a record of incidents.

Every supporting building may contact the guard during patrol hours. During check-ins, guards may exchange observations from door personnel and superintendents at participating buildings, which helps keep the guard up to the minute on neighborhood street issues.

“Whether it’s noise, a menacing person, or homeless encampment, the patrol guards are quick to answer our calls. They have won the respect of the community…their constant presence every night gives our tenants the ability to walk the street with confidence.”–N.R., a resident manager at a large Riverside Dr. condo.

The patrol also coordinates with the officers of the NYPD’s NCO neighborhood policing program in the 24th Precinct. There is also a working arrangement with the management of the Veterans’ Residence at 330 W. 95th Street to enlist their support in keeping the street clear in front of the residence during patrol hours.

The patrol hours are Sunday-Thursday, 5 PM to 1 AM and Friday and Saturday, 6 PM to 2 AM.
Neighborhood In The Nineties serves a much larger area (90th to 98th Streets, west of Amsterdam) than the current security patrol perimeter and has been contacted by neighbors, particularly in the areas north of 95th about expanding the patrol perimeter. While any expansion will take time and additional resources, N90s is willing to consider it, if there is enough support.

The N90s Security Patrol is supported entirely by the generous donations of our neighbors. We urge everyone to donate to this program, which is making our beautiful neighborhood more secure. Visit www.N90s.org to donate via PayPal. Checks to “Neighborhood In The Nineties Security Patrol,” should be sent to Suite 1B, 310 West 94th Street, New York, NY 10025. (Please mail from the post office or a secure mail drop in a building lobby – corner mailboxes are easy theft targets.)



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