8,000 Prisoners Dumped In Shelters; Court Day Delayed As Judge Recuses; City: Put Dog Poop In Toilet! Pepper Spray Attacker Faces Hate Crime Charges

N90s v. City of New York, Praxis et al:
Another Delay in Court

Spring arrived this past Thursday but our day in court did not!
After a group comprised of permanent SRO tenants of The Alexander, community leaders and a half dozen attorneys (only one for N90s!) sat through arguments for other cases, the presiding judge recused himself from the case.
The next step: The Supreme Court must assign a new jurist, then the lawyers for the landlord, shelter operator, four City lawyers and our own Stewart Wurtzel of Tane Waterman & Wurtzel P.C. must coordinate schedules to set the next date.
We will announce the new court date asap. See you in court!

Nabbed After 2-Borough Spree:
Police Treat Subway Pepper Spray As Hate Crime

Thomas Heard’s Bronx neighbors have been subjected numerous times to the 37-year-old’s rants against white people.
On Friday, March 8th, Heard, who identifies as a transgender woman, did more than rant – she pepper-sprayed seven subway riders on the 2 and 3 lines, starting at 125th Street and Lenox. She made her final subway attack on the 1-2-3 line southbound platform at 96th Street. Heard’s racist-fueled spree ended the next day in her Belmont, Bronx neighborhood, where the NYPD arrested her after four more attacks. She is now under investigation by the Hate Crimes Unit. Here are reports from media sources: NYTimeshttps://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/11/nyregion/transgender-pepper-spray-attack.html
WNBC-TV Reporthttps://www.nbcconnecticut.com/news/national-international/Police-Investigating-Subway-Pepper-Spray-Attack-As-Possible-Hate-Crime-506908941.html
Daily Newshttp://enewspaper.nydailynews.com/html5/desktop/production/default.aspx?pubid=a948621d-d740-4787-8c86-2cdff7a65076

Sanitation Official eMails Neighbor:
‘Put Your Dog Poop In The Toilet’

Remember when every corner of West End Ave and Riverside had a litter basket?
It wasn’t long ago – we’re talking Spring 2018.
Now the Bill de Blasio Department of Sanitation has issued a veiled threat to take all the baskets away if they don’t like what’s in our trash!
The unannounced removal of two corner cans at several intersections – only two remain on alternate corners – has resulted in an unhygienic, unhealthy, overflowing mess.
But Sanitation, under the leadership of Commissioner Kathryn Garcia, is not only tone deaf and blind to this policy of returning our neighborhood to the days of filth and feces, they now claim we don’t need any public litter cans at all.
Sanitation’s Debra Barreto, Deputy Director, Bureau of Community Affairs, wrote to a N90s neighbor, “…DSNY is committed to the daily challenge of maintaining NYC cleanliness.  Part of our challenge includes routinely reviewing litter basket usage and their placement around the city and removing baskets that are not along major commercial streets, near transportation facilities, or baskets that are chronically misused (e.g. illegal drop offs, improper disposal of household trash in and around litter baskets, etc.)  The removal of litter baskets is not isolated to your area; baskets have been removed across the city in different neighborhoods for the reasons previously mentioned.  While the Upper West Side area does not meet the criteria for litter basket placement, we installed two (2) litter baskets on the north-east and south-west corners of several intersections in the area.
Thus, Sanitation is saying that it is at their discretion that we have any litter baskets at all!

Ms. Barreto continues in her response, “Litter baskets are intended for pedestrian litter – while canine waste may be placed in litter baskets, that is not their primary purpose.  Dog walkers should not be placing their canine waste on, or in other residents’ receptacles placed out for DSNY collection services.  New York State Public Health Law requires that each person who owns or controls a dog must remove any feces left by that dog on any sidewalk, gutter, or other public area and dispose of it in a legal manner; ultimately, by carrying it away for disposal in a toilet, or placed out with their own trash.”*
Ms. Barreto’s response was initiated by a letter to Mayor de Blasio. A neighbor complained that there are but two cans on the corners of West End and 95th Street, where two public schools are co-located. The removal of two cans has created a filthy disaster.

“Sanitation has chosen not to engage the community,” says Aaron Biller, president of Neighborhood In The Nineties.  “If Sanitation believes that people are not using litter baskets properly, they could have enlisted elected officials and the community board and educated the public through the media. Instead the baskets were removed with no warning. The City now treats our neighborhood, which has dozens of schools, institutional facilities, Riverside Park, and mid and high rise residential buildings like a sparsely populated single home community in Staten Island.
“With the arrival of warmer weather, we must not sit by. The policy of putting a litter can on every corner goes back a few decades. It was done to encourage people to pick up their dog’s poop, and not throw trash into the street. We urge our neighbors to speak up now.”
Call or write public officials to let them know it is time to stand up for our neighborhood’s health and hygiene. Please contact:

  • Gale Brewer, Manhattan Borough President, Text 917-881-3375 or write to: gab@pipeline.com
  • Helen Rosenthal, City Council Mamber: Text: 917.923.1019
  • Debra Barreto, Department of Sanitation, Public Affairs, Call 646.885.4502

Or make a complaint about overflowing garbage to:
*bold face added by N90s

Joan of Arc Makeover Contract Signed,
Work Could Begin As Early As April  


Looks like the long-sought plan to restore one of the City’s landmark statues and most of the surrounding park will break ground in the next few weeks.
“The life-size bronze figure of Joan of Arc standing tall in the saddle with her sword drawn was the first statue in New York depicting an actual woman (previous statues had honored fictional women.),” reports writer Leslie Albrecht.
The Joan of Arc Island is celebrating its centennial this year. The redesigned park will include a new entrance added at West 92nd Street. See our neighbor James Panero’s feature: https://www.newcriterion.com/issues/2016/1/gallery-chronicle-8324

State Dumps 8,000 Prisoners
Into City’s Homeless Shelters
Former City Homeless Official Raises Troubling Questions

If City streets throughout the five boroughs seem scary at times, while stories of dangerous conditions in homeless shelters abound, it may be because shelters are taking the place of jails and dedicated mental health facilities.
Robert Mascali, a former deputy commissioner in the NYC Department of Homeless Services makes some sensible recommendations in the Sunday Daily News op-ed page.

Among his recommendations:

  • Halfway Houses for newly released prisoners
  • More supportive housing for mentally ill homeless, noting the sharp rise in emergency calls due to EDPs (emotionally disturbed persons), citywide
  • The City should fulfill a promise to have drop-in centers for the 4,000-street homeless
  • Make adult family couples pay 30% of the shelter cost to discourage long stays in the system. He feels that, unlike other homeless populations, this group is not encourages to explore other housing alternatives. It costs about $7,700 a month to shelter a couple, which includes meals


* * * * 

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