Seeking Volunteers: Time To Join Us In The Fight For A Safer, Quieter, Cleaner Neighborhood!

Dear Neighbor, 

After 21 years of extraordinary volunteer service to our community, Aaron Biller will soon be retiring as President of Neighborhood In The Nineties (N90s).

As we plan for this important transition, working closely with Aaron, we are reaching out to all neighbors with an invitation to join our volunteer efforts on behalf of the West Nineties. 

N90s is dedicated to improving the quality of life and safety of the community, from Amsterdam Ave to Riverside Drive and from 90th to 98th Streets. Our goal is to ensure that our neighborhood remains a safe and enjoyable place to live, work, and visit.

Founded in 1971, N90s is one of the largest grassroots organizations serving a Manhattan community, and our efforts have direct results in City Hall. N90s has successfully united residents to fight crime, improve habitability, improve pedestrian safety, help lead the effort to rehabilitate Joan of Arc Island and defeat City and State plans to impose an unequal share of socially-demanding facilities in our residential neighborhood. 
While we are staffed by volunteers who help with everything from community organization to website maintenance, we need more, talented neighbors to help our beautiful neighborhood with:
Community Outreach, including:

  • Serving on Community Advisory Boards to ensure that facility operators are accountable
  • Social media and Website: coordinate with elected officials and Community Board 7, create content and maintain our presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Working with such city agencies as DOT (transportation, street lighting), Parks and Recreation (Riverside Park, Joan of Arc Island and other Riverside Drive islands)

N90s Newsletter: We need writers and editors to keep our neighbors informed and motivated
Building captains: Make sure your coop, condo or rental building is represented
Police: Be a partner in the NYPD Community Policing program and help the police identify areas that require attention
Security and Quality of Life in the streets: A smaller district within our catchment area has a professionally-staffed street safety patrol (93-95, Bway-Riverside), now in its second year. We need people to work on membership development, work with the private Cambridge officers and help expand the program to cover more hours and greater geography—including our neighbors north of 96th.
Legal: Real estate issues and updating bylaws
If you would like to meet your neighbors, give back to your neighborhood, and lend your own assistance in any way to Neighborhood in the 90s by learning more about our volunteer efforts, please sign up at or send a text message (no voice) to: 212.228.4704.
-On behalf of your neighbors at Neighborhood In The Nineties,
Mary Christine Andrews
Amy Barr
Paula Bassoff
Edward Soloway

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