Alexander Hotel mtg and Fair Share Lawsuit

Dear Neighbors,

Thank you for showing up and demonstrating for the tartuffes of City Government that this neighborhood is not a point of least resistance, which appears to be the primary siting criteria for shelters and facilities by the Bloomberg Administration. In this mailing we have:
TV Coverage and video of last night’s meeting.  Many in attendance got their 15 seconds. Item 2 here really explains who is responsible:
A list of elected officials to call and what to say:
Also, Write a check for our Fair Share lawsuit v. St. Louis, & Make a call or write to our wonderful electeds:
Call City Council Member Gale Brewer, tell her and her people you want Fair Share.  There are too many special needs buildings in our neighborhood.  We’ve done our share.  We want safe streets, not more addicts!
Demand a Council hearing into the buyouts of permanent Alexander tenants, which are leveraged with City taxpayer dollars.
 212.788.6975  Swamp the Legislative Office.  Demand Gale!
Call or write Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal,
Ask Linda what she’s doing to close the loophole that allows Bloomberg to turn hotels into shelters.  Ask her who’s going to pay for the affordable housing she seeks.  If they can’t pay for “affordable” housing, why can’t they work with the hotel owners to create a dedicated affordable housing fund and let the hotels be? The owners are willing to contribute.  This is the only real revenue stream available to subsidize affordable housing.
If you like tourists, let Gale and Linda know.  Tourist revenue can be used in part to fund affordable housing initiatives.  It’s better than returning the neighborhood to the junkies!
Office of the Commissioner SETH DIAMOND
33 Beaver Street, 17th Floor
New York, NY 10004
Send an email to the Commissioner
Community Relations & Government Affairs Unit
CONTROLLER JOHN LIU: Office of General Contracts
Geneith Turnbull,
Deputy Commissioner, Contracts and Procurement Admin.
212.669.3173  Oversees City Contracts like Samaritan Village-Alexander.  Speak to her assistant, Rick, if she’s not available.
Ask for her, and let her assistant know that the City is being ripped off by no-bid contracts like the $8M sweethearts deal arranged by DHS with Samaritan Village that enriches building owner Alexander Scharf and devastates our neighborhood. 
Tell them it’s time for the Controller to scrutinize a wasteful, phony contract procurement process.  You object to City taxpayer money being leveraged to force out longstanding members of our community from their permanent homes to make way for shelters. Ask them to stop The Alexander contract.  Without a Fair Share analysis (last done in 1995), there are additional means to not approve this contract which will damage our West Side neighborhood.
You may FAX a message to Mayor Bloomberg212.312.0700.  Tell him, in addition to the points above that his legacy as Mayor will be that he was responsible for killing the Upper West Side.
The situation is urgent as the hotel operators throughout our community are throwing their buildings at the City, begging for the types of populations we saw at The Apple shelter (2006-07), which we got closed, but is now on parade at the Camden, the Sans Souci and other buildings that take in HRA, HPD and DHS clients (all City agencies that claim no knowledge of the other’s placements).
We need to keep the pressure on the electeds. The Alexander, can, and must be stopped.  We stopped The Apple, and just as we did back in 1992 with 310 West 95th, a facility similar to the St. Louis.
Speaking of the St. Louis, this FAIR SHARE lawsuit needs your support. SEND DONATIONS to:
Neighborhood In The Nineties Legal Defense Fund
Ms. Barbara Wallitt
752 West End Avenue #23B
New York, NY 10025
–Aaron Biller
Neighborhood In The Nineties, Inc.
Neighborhood In The Nineties and its predecessor organizations date back to 1971.  We were founded to help SRO tenant clean up their own buildings and make our neighborhood a safer, better place to live.

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