Stop the Alexander Shelter! Attend CB7 Tues @ 6:30

Dear Neighbors,

We have to SHOW UP and STAND TOGETHER AS NEIGHBORS Tomorrow (T U E S D A Y) at:
7 West 83rd Street (near CPW)
6:30 PM
Our beautiful neighborhood is in crisis. 
A contract can be signed any day now for The Alexander to become a crowded 200-bed shelter filled with homeless who can’t live in other shelters—they’ve been kicked out. 
The fact is that the social burden has already been placed on our community in numbers unrivaled by all but a few other communities.
The City views our neighborhood as an easy target, political patsies.
What Should WE do? 1. Get on the phone
START with City Council Member Gale Brewer.
Gale founded the Task Force that took on the hotels in the name of affordable housing (a worthy, but unattainable goal).  Although the bill was passed in Albany, it is her responsibility as our representative to take steps to stop the flooding of this district with more special needs populations.
Ask Gale Brewer to use all her resources, do all that is in her power N O W !!!:
·         Issue a City Council Resolution, hold Hearings, have a News Conference demanding an end to No-Bid Contracts that waste our taxpayer dollars while doing nothing to provide real housing for the homeless
·         Issue a City Council Resolution and hold Hearings on the issuance of no-bid contracts by the Mayor’s Office and City Agencies.  There should be a Moratorium on rich contracts to buildings owners for housing special needs/homeless populations immediately.  The City needs a long-term plan to house the homeless in appropriate facilities throughout the City NOW!!
·         Request that she show up at the Community Board meeting Tuesday.
Call or write Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal,
…she’s in Albany right now at: 1+518.455.5802
Or contact NY Office 212.873.6368 •  ask for Jonathan
Tell Linda that this community is already being hurt by the oversaturation of facilities.  It is time that Linda Rosenthal, as co-SPONSOR of this community-devastating law Request the NY Legislature declare a “time-out” now! 
I have attended meetings with legislators and their aides.  The excuse is: “we never expected this law to pass.”
Rosenthal’s people also claim they “didn’t write the bill.” Bloomberg’s attorneys did.  So she co-sponsored it, but won’t take ownership?  This is Unacceptable!
How does a legislator sponsor a law, but not understand the consequences?  Our neighborhood is feeling the pain. The Alexander and a dozen or more shelters and special needs facilities cannot be allowed to open.  
We need a time-out, not a law plunging us back into the “old days” when walking the street was an unpleasant adventure. Affordable housing is a great social cause.  But who is paying the bill?  The bankrupt City? Or the bankrupt State? 
Call on Linda to step up NOW, and STOP THE MADNESS.  Let’s take the time to study the best use for these properties rather than wreck a neighborhood overnight due to the new law’s unintended consequences.
       at  6:30 PM Tuesday    
 We need to keep the pressure on the electeds. The Alexander, can, and must be stopped.  We stopped The Apple, and just as we did back in 1992 with 310 West 95th, a facility similar to the St. Louis.
The St. Louis FAIR SHARE lawsuit needs your support.
Neighborhood In The Nineties Legal Defense Fund
Ms. Barbara Wallitt
752 West End Avenue #23B
New York, NY 10025
“You don’t, in the middle of the night, give a contract, no matter how costly that contract is, for nine and 10 years, and then have people wake up to find out they now have to assume additional social responsibility,”
 –Congressman Charlie Rangel at the press conference.
–Aaron Biller
Neighborhood In The Nineties, Inc.

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