New law ending tourist hotels to take effect May 1, Write Senator Espaillat!

SUBJECT: The new law that puts an end to tourist hotels becomes law on May 1st. 
Dear Neighbors,
Your help is urgently needed today in our fight to preserve safety and quality of life.
While we are triumphant in the battle to keep The Alexander from becoming a shelter, there are a number of hotels which could become shelters in just weeks (after May 1st):
–The Continental and The Pennington, already being used as the “West 107th Street Men’s Shelter Annex” at 316 and 330 West 95th could add hundreds more homeless when the tourists are gone
–Jazz On The City, 201 West 95th Street (across from the Camden House of Horrors at 206 West 95) is plastered with “Vacate” notices.  What will happen when the tourists are gone?
–The Montroyale, at 315 West 94th Street, which was briefly The Apple Men’s Shelter, could become a shelter again
–Several other nearby properties are in danger: Days Inn (94th), the Royal York (97th between WEA and Bway)
IMPACT: Dire Consequences on our beautiful, safe, diverse neighborhood
ACTION: Write an e-mail to Senator Adriano EspaillatASAP. There’s a meeting Monday morning, and SENDING e-mails immediately is very important!
Tell him you want NY State to call a time out.  The new May 1 SRO Law will not create affordable housing, but rather induce hotel owners to turn a proportion of the thousands of Upper West Side units over to homeless shelters and facilities that serve special needs populations.  Remind him that the Upper West Side is home to more than 2,000 supportive units, thousands of NYCHA units, residential and destination outpatient drug and alcohol treatment programs.  Few neighborhoods can match our commitment, our passion for social justice and our tolerance–but there are reasonable limits.  We cannot and should not bear the City’s burden.  That is the City Charter’s Fair Share mandate. 
Feel free to forward this email to your neighbors, encouraging that they write an email.  You can save time and just forward this email to Senator Espaillat, stating that you agree with our efforts to preserve the neighborhood and that a time-out is needed to keep our tourists and develop a plan for more affordable housing for working taxpayers. 
Senator Espaillat tells us he wants to see hundreds of emails by Monday AM, so he’ll know that the West Side wants Fair Share, not oversaturation…. so he knows that we will not settle for a return to the dark days when SROs replaced mental health facilities and served as halfway houses for violent criminals and sex offenders and pedophiles.
Send an email to:
Senator Espaillat will listen, if we do this in numbers. If we act immediately. If you are tired of these crises that threaten community stability, you’ll act now.

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