URGENT! Attend the West 95th Shelter Hearings!

Shelter at 316 West 95th

Shelter at 316 West 95th

Urgent, mark you calendar!

West 95th Street Shelter Hearings: 400 Homeless Crowded Into 2 SRO Hotels

DATE: WEDNESDAY, 30 January 2013


PLACE: Congregation Ansche Chesed (West End Avenue at 100th Street)

WE NEED TO STOP the City from dumping more special needs populations that destabilize our neighborhood. This policy FAILED in the ‘60s, 70s and 90s —IT WILL FAIL AGAIN!

In August 2012, the City opened two “emergency” shelters—316 West 95th and 330 West 95th Street with 400 adult families—The City is finally holding the Fair Share-required hearings— 6 months late! These 2 disasters must be closed!
Be ready to speak out: the City wants to make these shelters permanent.

Please consider that:

  • Our community already has 18 facilities housing more than 3,000 patients
  • The City is planning to even more facilities in the West 90s & West 100s
  • Community Board 7 has more than 21% of the supportive housing facilities in Manhattan. Areas like the Upper East Side and Turtle Bay have few or none
  • The Bloomberg Administration is violating the City Charter Fair Share rules and regulations that require special needs populations and facilities that tax the quality of community life be distributed throughout the City!
  • Shelters cannot screen out criminals and pedophiles—with more than 20 schools within a half-mile, this 400-person double shelter is a BAD IDEA!
  • The 24th Precinct and St. Luke’s Hospital Psychiatric Ward don’t have the capacity to handle the special needs of the 3,000+population already here
  • As the murders at the Narragansett and Camden demonstrate, along with the knifepoint robbery of a young boy going home from school, shootings on 95th and 93rd, serious crime is up—City placements are to blame!

Tell Bloomberg NO! – SHOW UP!

Raise your voice for a safe, diverse community!

Who’s Attending: DHS Commissioner Seth Diamond, Former DHS Commissioner Robert Hess—The Shelter Landlord, will run the hearing, and Council Member Gale Brewer, other elected officials and Community Board 7

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