1/30: Pedestrian Safety Hearing (Community Board 7)

January 30th: Community Board 7 and City officials are holding a hearing on proposals to make the 96th and 97th Street areas between Broadway and West End safer. Please attend and make your voices heard!


The recent traffic fatalities in our community have catalyzed a push to accelerate changes in traffic lights, traffic patterns, calming measures and other steps long needed to protect the lives of pedestrians.

Your input into measures that make neighborhood life safer is urgently needed.

We urge you to attend a special meeting of Community Board 7 next Thursday, January 30th, 6 PM at Goddard Riverside Community Center, 593 Columbus Avenue at 88th Street.

Please attend. City DOT officials and community leaders will be there to hear you.

While more steps may be needed to improve safety, the Community Board is working with the City to take immediate measures that will save lives.

Help us set the wheels of change in motion.

Showing up Thursday will help ensure that City officials act quickly.

Here is a summary of proposals from CB7:

  • 96th St and Broadway intersection –

1. Install a signalized and striped median-to-median pedestrian crossing of 96th Street at Broadway.

2. Change the traffic light pattern at the 96th/Broadway intersection.

1st possible solution: Have the light on the OTHER side turn red when the first one turns yellow which will take away the need to race through the intersection. 

2nd Possible solution: Allow more time between the beginning of the Yellow/Red phase for Eastbound/Westbound traffic and the start of the Green/Walk phase for North/South bound vehicular and pedestrian travel.

3. Immediately inspect the pedestrian crossing on the east side of Broadway at 96th Street.

Pedestrians just do not believe that the “Don’t Walk” sign is correct. Turning traffic needs to be alerted to pedestrians. Pedestrians need to be alerted to traffic coming from the left. 

Partial solution:  A second signalized pedestrian box below the “Don’t Walk” box – in red letters – “DON’T WALK – Traffic from Left” – when the left-turn phase is active.

4. Eliminate left-hand-turns at Broadway and 96th Street.

  • 97th St and West End Avenue intersection and area –

1. Change the signal light pattern along 97th Street from Columbus to Riverside  to reduce vehicle speed.

2. Change the signal light pattern along West End Avenue in the 90s slow highway-bound and southbound traffic.

3. Take immediate action to slow and guide traffic making left turns from West 97th Street onto West End:

Eliminate the northbound dedicated left turn lane on WEA at 97th Street

It is often empty and encourages left turning vehicles to ‘shortcut’ the left turn instead of slowing to make the turn.  Design and install a well-marked island at this location which would require slower turns by left turning vehicles, and install so that buses can still make the required turn

Install bulb-outs at 97th Street and West End Avenue to both shorten the pedestrian crossing of WEA and require vehicles traveling westbound on 97th Street turning left onto WEA (southbound) to travel farther into the intersection before turning into the crosswalk. 

4. Install “No Left-Turn” signs, effective from 7AM-10AM, for eastbound 95th Street traffic at West End Avenue.

The above recommendations were submitted by CB7 Chair Elizabeth Caputo to the City Department of Transportation and may be viewed in full HERE.

Neighborhood In The Nineties has proposed a comprehensive list of traffic safety measures that include the 95th Street/Riverside Drive/Henry Hudson Parkway off ramp and traffic speed reductions throughout the West 90s, Riverside to Amsterdam.

Here are some important links to articles about the situation.  Learn more by reading:

An editorial by our neighbor, James Panero in the Daily News spotlights the need to change behavior to resolve the UWS traffic nightmare HERE.


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