N90s Confirms One Shelter Building Closed by City On West 95th Street

Half the troubled West 95th Street shelter known as “Freedom House” has closed. N90s is continuing its campaign to close the shelter.

Aguila's West 95th Homeless Shelter

316 West 95th continues to operate as a Homeless Shelter with 200 DHS residents

It is now official: the population of two-building Freedom House, the City shelter that opened in violation of the City Charter in August 2012, has been cut in half.

The 200 Department of Homeless Services clients in the former Hotel Continental, 330 West 95th Street have been relocated to shelters in other boroughs.

The other building, known as The Pennington, 316 West 95th Street continues to house 200 DHS clients.  Both buildings have a population of permanent SRO tenants who have had their lives upended by sharing their buildings and their bathrooms with a homeless population that includes at least some people who were not always good neighbors.

The shelter’s impact on the community includes:

  • Drug dealing by shelter residents that has fanned out to surrounding blocks
  • Aggressive panhandling rise in Riverside Park, Broadway and West End
  • Residents acting out – a TV set hurled out the window just missed a dog walker
  • Fighting in the building that disturbs SRO tenants and neighboring buildings
  • Crime reports including a stabbing last fall on West 94th Street
  • Garbage hurled out windows, which is then left to feed rats and mice
  • Residents sleeping in Riverside Park and Joan of Arc island overnight

Neighborhood In The Nineties (N90s) in conjunction with a coalition of permanent residents of the building, co-op, condo and rental buildings and businesses is suing the City to stop the shelter, which opened in August 2012.

Despite promises of being responsive to the community’s concerns, DHS has held one public meeting, on January 30th, 2013, and one informal meeting of officials, with N90s included, on March 25th, 2014. Read about it HERE and HERE.


A Community Advisory Board is being formed, and is expected to meet as early as December.

Contributions to the N90s legal fund may be made as follows:

On our website, N90s.org, hit the “Donate” button, and contribute through PayPal.

Send Checks written to: Neighborhood In The Nineties to:

Ms. Rina Krebs

R.A. Cohen & Associates, Inc.

60 East 42nd Street

Suite 850

New York, NY 10165

We will continue to update the community on the lawsuit progress and our drive to close this nuisance shelter, which is doing a poor job of serving the homeless, while disrupting the life of this neighborhood and the permanent SRO tenants.


Make our streets safer!

The CB7 Transportation Committee will hold a public meeting on safety suggestions ranging from more stop signs and speed bumps to leading pedestrian intervals for our West 90s Streets. We also seek pedestrian islands to make crossing Riverside Drive safer.  Make your voice heard!

Please attend:

Tuesday November 11th at 7 PM

Community Board 7,

250 West 87th Street.

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