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Neighborhood In The Nineties (N90’s) is dedicated to improving the quality of life and safety of the community, from Amsterdam Ave to Riverside Drive, and from 90th to 97th Streets. Our goal is to ensure that our neighborhood remains a safe and enjoyable place to live, work and visit. We work to ensure that our neighborhood receives proper delivery of no more than it’s fair share of government services and supportive facilities. We also partner with government officials to make certain our neighborhood is well represented by the elected and appointed officials who serve our community.


Founded in 1971, Neighborhood in The 90s is one of the largest grassroots organizations serving a Manhattan neighborhood. Serving as a neighborhood advocate for our diverse community, Neighborhood in the Nineties has successfully united residents to fight crime, improve habitability, and defeat City and State plans to impose inappropriate, and socially-demanding facilities. Our successes include:

  • Working with West 90s Neighborhood Coalition to defeat a poorly planned facility that would have placed pedophiles across the street from PS 75
  • Fighting to get proper development for the Symphony Space site, which spent 25 years as a blighted block of empty storefronts and a burned-out building before our action encouraged construction of the Lyric at 255 West 94th Street
  • Improving residents’ lives through legal action that required delinquent West 94th Street landlords to pay millions for SRO Hotel violations and to provide safe, sanitary living conditions for current tenants
  • Raising $60,000 annually for much of the 1990s to fund a private security service that swept out drug dealers
  • Making the streets safer at night by working with city officials and property owners to increase outdoor lighting that deterred crime and drug trafficking in the area
  • Working with the West 90s/West 100s Neighborhood to get the Wild Man of 96th Street, Larry Hogue, off the streets, ending a reign of terror that spread havoc between West 86th to 106th Streets


Neighborhood In The Nineties is a New York State-chartered, non-profit 501(c)4 corporation. We are staffed by volunteers.


Neighborhood in The Nineties is supported by grants and donations. We are currently seeking both institutional and individual support. Please JOIN US or DONATE now, and support our efforts to protect and improve our Neighborhood in the Nineties.


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Neighborhood in the 90’s (N90s) is dedicated to ensuring our neighborhood remains a safe and enjoyable place to live, work and visit. We are only successful with the  support and dedication of our  members and volunteers. This is a community effort. Whether you live or work in the 90’s, you can count on us to tackle tough issues to keep our neighborhood healthy and safe. Become a member today, and support our efforts to keep our community clean and secure.
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