URGENT: Mtg this Thurs – Another shelter? Homeless Vets could be moving to 330 West 95th

December 16, 2015

URGENT: Please Attend Thurs. Meeting – City To Put 137 Homeless Vets on 95th St.

ANOTHER SHELTER? The City Human Resources Administration wants to place homeless veterans in a permanent housing facility at 330 W. 95th St. PLEASE ATTEND! LET THEM HEAR YOUR CONCERNS!!

More homeless in our neighborhood? It could happen in a matter of days!

this Thursday night
17 December 2015
PS 75 Auditorium
8 PM
It is important to show up

City officials want to hear your concerns.  They also want to see how many people care as the City again turns to our corner of the Upper West Side to solve the City’s homeless problems – Fair Share be damned!

Our City Council Member Helen Rosenthal will be on hand to weigh in.  A good turnout, even with the short notice the City has given, is very important.

Just what is the City going to do? Read more »

Shelter Lawsuit Briefs Filed In NYS Appellate Court

September 8, 2015

Shelter Lawsuit Briefs Filed In NYS Appellate Court:

N90s Challenges Freedom House Homeless Shelter; Brief Accuses City of Violating Fair Share Law

Following our successful action last year that resulted in cutting the size of the Freedom House shelter by 50% (200 less people), Neighborhood In The Nineties’ legal team, Tane Waterman & Wurtzel filed its briefs with the Appellate Division late this summer to continue our community’s fight to close the Freedom House shelter on West 95th Street. We expect to be arguing the appeal before the Appellate Division in the near future.

N90s President Aaron Biller explained that, “There’s a link between what we are experiencing on our streets and in our parks and City policies that over-saturate this neighborhood with facilities that serve the homeless, mentally-ill chemical abusers (MICAs), pedophile sex offenders, and recently released ex-cons…but provide zero services to help this troubled population”.

“Not only are there too many facilities, but the City’s failure to address the needs of the homeless and mentally ill have made the streets unsafe and reduce the overall quality of life for the residents of the neighborhood.” adds Mr. Biller.  “We have many facilities in the northern part of Community Board 7 that serve similar populations, but few that help people bootstrap themselves out of the system. Read more »

3 things you must know about the neighborhood…

June 27, 2015

Who did Landmarks leave off the new historic district? Why did FEMA send letters about needing flood insurance? New traffic improvements will make things safer on Riverside Drive. Read on!


After a lot of behind the scenes jockeying between the powerful Landmarks Preservation Commission, local groups like Landmarks West and elected officials, there’s now a Riverside -West End Historic District Extension II.

The new district begins at West 93rd, and includes nearly all buildings on the Riverside to West End blocks to about 108th Street, and nearly all buildings from West End going toward Broadway, but not including buildings fronting on the west side of Broadway.  Many in the community speculate that some of these properties may be subjected to large scale development.
The district now includes PS 75, which many expected to be carved out.  However, a small part of West 95th, comprising the entrance to the PS 75 schoolyard, and the entire schoolyard footprint on 96th, along with three, small adjoining residential buildings as well as the Mobil gas station across the street have been carved out of the new district. The new map needs to be approved within 120 days by the City Council. Read more »

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